Connections we call it at times 
Disconnections when it dosen't rhyme
With some we fit logically well
With some we are at logger heads

How do we know a connect?
With everyone it differs
In a direction 
As the magnetic field refers

With some of hate, with some of love
With some of lust and of some that rust
Every second from the first smile to courtship
Paints a unique relationship

Are we friends, or are we not
Are we lovers, in a moment so lost 
Our lines have crossed over 
A million times 
Like the tides that wash the beach 
Everytime, drawing a new coast line 

Yet every smile is new 
And every added wrinkle 
Makes you, you.

Connections, I wonder 
Can they have a shape, a form
That fits within defined norms? 
Its like asking for a connection
In only the shape of a heart
Like picking the perfect shade of red lipstick
Onto your shopping cart

Shapeless, formless, flowing free
Are the life connections, that we truly greet
Like the wind and water 
That dance in their waves
And yet they never ...never really meet.

                           - Mithila Ketkar

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