Why do We Respect Saints More?

Two kinds of people get the most respect in society, a Warrior and a Saint.
A warrior because he protects his Nation from enemies, evil forces; he even sacrifices his own life so that the society can live happily and prosper. But he wages an external war, fights with an external visible enemy.

A Saint is also a warrior, but the war he wages is internal where the enemy is not directly visible. Saint John Pope says, ‘The greatest battle is the battle within".  Sant Tukaram says, he is waging a war every second of his life. A Saint has conquered this internal enemy and that’s why respected more.

Even a great warrior touches Saint's feet. Bhagwad-Geeta was told in the battle field. Arjuna was undoubtedly the greatest warrior of his time, but he fell to this internal enemy. The great Bhagwad-Geeta makes you aware of this enemy and the ways and means to conquer this internal battle.

We often see that great leaders of our times show great respect for saints by touching their feet. Even Lord Rama, Krishna and all great characters bow before Saints/Rishis. 

- Sarang Akotkar

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