Dear Love......

Dear Love,  you are nothing but a four letter word but a two faced emotion,
Just like  a rose, lovely to look at but prickly to feel,
Complex like its petals and unfair like any other deal.

Dear love, you metamorph into people and memories,
You are not afraid to snap in the wind and sway in the breeze,
Oh Love, you make my heart sing when I hear you rhyme,
but you are not so sweet when oblivion opens to time.

Dear love, you are in everything I desire,
in tintinabulation and petrichor of rain,
In a child's laugh and the shade of a tree,
In a tattered book or perhaps just a verse of poetry?

Oh love, you made the pen mightier than the sword,
for to write with love is to bless with words,
Love, you are the crackle of paper I go to when everyone leaves. 
Dear Love, don't you worry, your remembrance will always make me believe.

Aabha Sewak
Class 10

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