Letter to My Daughter

Dear Priya,

You will leave home in just few days to start exciting new phase of your life. We all will miss you, although, in a very different way.  I will miss several discussions with you on various topics, I will no longer get to track when you will return home and calm mamma’s nerve several times a week.  Who will now (un)Appreciate my jokes? Most of the time, I did not have to finish the joke before you understood the meaning and humor, No takers now for Khanshib Rolls and Gobi Manchurian will be offered no contest. There will be huge void at home till somehow we adjust to new routine.

There is great happiness that you are going to place that you always wanted and deserve to be in after so much of hard work and specially that last push in April/May. I am also very happy that you did not choose easy way out and accepted challenge to get admission to dual degree course. BITS Pilani is one of the finest technical institutes in the country and I am sure you will go places from here. You are smart, Intelligent and hardworking. You will surely figure out how to proceed from here. However, being an (typical) Indian Parent, I can’t but offer you some advice.

Its first time for you to be away from home and to be on your own. (Normal kids at least stay with grandparents during summer vacations, not you and Mugi off course.) Physical Safety and Security are extremely important and never compromise on these aspects. Be alert all the time.

Except morning Breakfast queue, everything else at BITS is CGPA based. Consistent high CGPA opens up doors for many things on campus and beyond.

There are only two rules to get there     
Rule Number 1: Do Hard work and Smart work from beginning
     Rule Number 2 : Never Forget Rule number 1

Do not believe if some of your friends or seniors tells you that you can cover up later or it’s enough to study only 1 week before the exam. I must also tell you that CGPA is necessary but not sufficient condition to excel. Your skill and knowledge will be the key to come out with Flying colours at the end of your education. From second semester onwards, you will be exposed to wonderful world of Programming and you will learn how to solve real world problems using the same. BITS has great coding culture, you will have opportunity to join various Competitive programming events and make an impact. In your chosen field and also because you are new to this domain, deep interest and mastery in programming is essential and I am sure you will develop it gradually.

Not to forget is the opportunity for all-round development by joining various clubs, hobby classes, sports events, Internships and so on depending on your interest and time available. This will also make your experience multifaceted and enjoyable, that’s why we wanted BITS, right?

Go ahead and Do your best, we are always there to help whenever required!


Paresh Despande

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  1. Excellent...... Very important message how to live in this fast Globalization world with wide technology solutions and internet access.....And more ever living away from home
    Thank you......